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Spiritual Direction is offered in a variety of locations: at your home, on walking trails, at Sophia Grace's main office, or wherever you feel the most comfortable. While talking about your everyday life, deeper hungers can be discovered, discussed, and discerned. Spiritual Direction is provided for individuals or groups, and can be combined with Diet and Nutrition Counseling.


A spiritual director has extensive training and formation in the art of spiritual direction. In spiritual direction, you reflect deeply on the experiences of your life while the director listens attentively. Spirituality is part of our life and is about the relationships we have with the divine, our self, others, and the world. It deals with a spectrum of life issues, from sickness to health, sorrow to joy, death and life. Spirituality is personal and experiential; inclusive and supportive; and includes, supports, and transcends organized religion.

Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Director, Spiritual Direction, and Spirituality