Sophia Grace Center for Nutrition, Health, and Spirituality, LLC


Past Presentations and Retreats

--Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Our Sacred Journey

  Women’s Retreat

  June 11 – 13, 2010

  Cenacle Retreat House

--Guardian Angels

   School Board Retreat

   October 2, 2010

   St. Laurence Catholic School


--Bloom Where You are Planted…Nurturing Generativity

   Day of Prayer

   October 7, 2010

   Oasis Theresians


--Embodied Transformation:  Using Body Wisdom to Become Who You Are

   University of Houston Psychology Class

   November 2, 2010

   University of Houston, Garrison Hall


--Restoring the Rhythm of the Family Table

   Kamp K’aana Reunion

   November 13, 2010

   Texas Children’s Hospital, Children’s Nutrition Research Center


--Stewardship—A Way of Life

   Discipleship Council Retreat

   January 4, 2011

   St. Laurence Catholic Church


--Nutrition and Spirituality

   Evening of Prayer

   January 11, 2011

   Ebb tide Theresians


--Sophia Grace---Embodied Soul

   Ladies Guild Meeting Speaker

   January 20, 2011

   St. Laurence Catholic Church

--Nourishing the Caregiver, Body and Soul

   Caregivers Day of Prayer

   January 29, 2011

   St. Laurence Catholic Church


--The Little Way of Love

   Pastoral Council Retreat

   February 1, 2011

   St. Theresa in the Park Catholic Church


--Wisdom of the Body—Nourishing Body and Soul

   Day of Prayer

   February 2, 2011



--Wisdom of the Body—Nourishing Body and Soul

   Holy Strollers Group Morning of Prayer

   March 8, 2011

   St. Martin’s Episcopal Church


--The Holy Washing Bowl—Consecrated into Servanthood

   St. Theresa in the Park Parish Staff Retreat

   March 25, 2011

   Cenacle Retreat House


--Nourishing Body and Soul

   Catholic Women’s Group Lenten Day of Prayer

   March 26, 2011

   Corpus Christi Catholic Church


--The Family Table, Altar of the Domestic Church

   1st Communion Retreat Parent Presentation

   April 2011

   St. Laurence Catholic Church


--School Board Discernment

   St. Laurence Catholic School Board

   April 30, 2011

   St. Laurence Catholic School




Presentations and Retreats


Presentations and Retreats on the topic of nutrition, health, or spirituality can be designed and provided for:

---Faith communities
---Health care providers/institutions
---Staff development
---Wellness programs