Services and Location

Sophia Grace Center is unique in that it offers home visits or meetings in the main office for Medical Nutrition Therapy. Diet and Nutrition Counseling.

Spiritual Direction is available at your home, in the main office, or on walking trails of your choice. Spiritual Direction.

Presentations and Retreats are available at your preferred location.

Sophia Grace Center is conveniently located in Sugar Land near First Colony Mall, making it easily accessible to residents of Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Richmond, Katy, Bellaire, Houston, and surrounding cities. Please call or email for directions.


Why is it named Sophia Grace Center?

Sophia Grace stands for wisdom and grace of the human body. Sophia Grace Center resides in everybody. Most of us, to a greater or lesser degree, are interested in what we eat, how we look, and how we feel about ourselves. Often this interest is heightened when we come face to face with a health condition of our own or of a family member. When we care lovingly for our body, listening to the natural rhythms, we enjoy a more peaceful, pleasurable, and healthy life.


The Table

The table is the central focus of Sophia Grace Center. The cornucopia represents the vision: committed to the bounty of life. Gathering around the table to celebrate a meal prompts us to give thanks for life, for the food, for the time, for the place, and for the people. Celebrating the bounty of life at the table is for everybody: single people, couples, and families. When we gather around the table, sharing a common meal, we increase the enjoyment and knowledge of food and each other. Healthful behaviors are supported, and people are nurtured. The time to talk with one another is enhanced and the hunger for food and companionship is satisfied.



Sophia Grace Center for Nutrition, Health, and Spirituality, LLC is owned and operated by Laura Laine, a registered dietitian and spiritual director. Laura has been a registered dietitian for over 30 years, helping people of all ages to improve their health and manage disease through proper nutrition. She has been a spiritual director for over eight years, providing spiritual direction for individuals and groups. Additionally, she has provided numerous presentations and retreats on the topics of nutrition, health, and spirituality. About the Owner.

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Sophia Grace Center for Nutrition, Health, and Spirituality, LLC


Phone: 281-313-2298



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Appointments and Office Hours

Appointments can be made Monday through Friday. Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment. Phone calls and e-mails are returned Monday through Friday.



Mission Statement

Sophia Grace Center for Nutrition, Health, and Spirituality provides an atmosphere of simplicity, education, and encouragement for the whole self-- body, mind, and spirit-- to be known, embraced, nourished, and lived.